Welcome! I created this page to be an encouragement to others, whether novices or experienced writers. In me the need to write and create started with a little spark and now has grown and still continues to grow. It is my hope that this spark to create would be fanned into a flame of creative spirit that cannot be extinguished. I want others to be encouraged and even spurred to write and create. Have fun and enjoy!


My name is Mary Beth Weaver and I am currently a recent graduate of Davis College in Johnson City, NY. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree with a concentration in Christian Ministry. I never knew what I really wanted to do. I have had many ideas and even goals that have evolved and changed throughout the course of my college education. All I knew at the time of graduation was that I needed some form of college. After being homeschooled my whole life, going into a public school setting was an adjustment. Now I am currently volunteering at my church office, Two Rivers Church and leading the Administration Team.

I am the youngest of five girls, an introvert, and very analytical. My friends know me to be very organize and critical. This can be a fault and a skill. In the sense of reviewing fiction, critical thinking and analysis is quite helpful.  It is my intention to provide insightful and interesting reviews of books I have read. Enjoy! add another page.


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